Frequently asked questions about rattan bag for women

In the last few years, rattan round purses have become quite popular among women. Bali was one of the most popular places to purchase those purses. If you are also interested in these handbags, this blog is for you.

We have answered numerous questions that the consumers have related to small round rattan bags.

Here we go…

Are these bags durable?

The rattan fibre used for making these handmade is a durable material. You can even keep your wallet and smartphone in it. Owing to its strength, the material is also used in rural areas across the globe for making houses.

Where are these bags made?

The local artisans from Bali have been producing these bags for decades. Various US-based companies like the Ratty Bag import these bags to make it available for the consumers in the US.

Are these bags easy-to-use and carry?

The rattan round purses are extremely lightweight. Carrying them isn’t a challenge. There’s a string built-in peg that lets you open and close the hook easily.

Is it safe for my skin?

Through rigorous processing, the irritants present in the bag are removed. The bag won’t irritate your skin while using. It is also free of mildew.

Will it match my summer dresses?

It goes perfectly well with summer dresses. You can even adorn it with your boho outfit. Majority of women buy it for their daily use.

Is the appearance same as what’s shown in the image?

The appearance and color may slightly differ from what’s shown in the image. This is because each bag is handmade by the artists. In fact, this slight variation in appearance ensures its authenticity.

We hope that these questions and answers have removed opacity around small round rattan bag. For making an order, check this link: