Rattan Fibre: Handmade bags and other things you need to know


Have you ever wondered about the story about Rattan fibre used to make handmade bag for women. If so, this blog is for you.

We have discussed different aspects of this fibre to satiate your curiosity.

Here we go…

The Rattan plant

Situated in areas with a height of up to 3,000 m from sea level, this plant belongs to the palm family. Till now, around 13 genera and 600 species have been discovered. Sounds a bit scientific? Let’s talk about some interesting aspects below:

Where is it found?

Rattans are commonly found in the forests of Indonesia. In fact, the woven rattan bag we offer online is also imported from this country. Other countries where rattan is found include Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Different varieties

Some common varieties include clustered or single stemmed rattan species. The rattan species can also be differentiated by high or low climbers. There are even some species with underground and short stems. On the other hand, various rattan species have a height of up to 100 meters.

Impact of deforestation

Majority of rattan species are found in tropical rainforests. Cutting of trees on mass scale, or deforestation, have resulted in reduction of rattan populations. In fact, various makers of rattan products have also reported a shortage of supply.

Rattan products

One of the most popular rattan products is of course handmade rattan bag. This raw material is also used for making eco-friendly furniture. Owing to its flexibility and durability, it is used for building houses in various rural areas. And believe it or not, shoot and inner core of some species can be eaten by humans.

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