Rattan Round purse: Everything you need to know

rattan round purse

To help you learn more about rattan round purses, we have discussed its essential aspects. Here we go…

Other names

Rattan bag is also known as raffia bag, straw rattan bag, straw bag, basket bag, and even roundie rattan bag.

Rattan plant: A naturally renewable palm, Rattan is found in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australasia. Apart from bags, it is used for making handicrafts and furniture.

Ideal outfits

It looks great with an array of outfits, including jeans & top, jeans & shirt, bohemian dresses, jumpsuits, and even minis.

How are the bags made?

The makers properly condition the ata vines (the bags are made from ata plants) . It makes around a month for a skilled artisan weave the vines into proper shape. The baskets get their distinctive patina and color when the artisans dry and smoke them in ovens.

Where are these bags found?

Bali is home to rattan bags. In fact, it is said that shopping in Bali is incomplete without these bags. The livelihood of various artisans is depended on them. With advent of internet, it is now possible to order these bags online

Best online store

You can get small round rattan bag from The RattyBag. This online store gives prime importance to quality. This is why each bag goes through a rigorous process to remove irritants that are usually present in the plant. The final product is resistant to mildew and is mild on skin. Order it from here: https://therattybag.com.